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Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Weight Set Review

Adjustable Dumbbells by:
Core Fitness
Adjustable Dumbbells Weight Set

Reviewed by:
On September 20, 2017
Last modified:September 20, 2017



  • Quick adjustment of weight plates;
  • Solid construction;
  • Wide weight range (5 to 50 lbs.).


  • PVC coating may crack over time;
  • Not possible to offset weight on either side.

Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Weight SetIf you have been following a healthy, nutritional diet, exercising for several times in a week, yet you are not realizing the results you desire – you might be missing one thing, that is, investing in the right equipment. More people need to embrace the fact that barbells and dumbbells are not just for the gym maniacs or Schwarzenegger – wannabes. With these tools, you can perform a myriad of exercises from the comfort of your home. Are you looking to buy or replace your dumbbell? If so, the Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells seem to be a strong contender, and for good reasons.

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Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Key Features

Dumbbell construction

This dumbbell set is made using both plastic and metal. For starters, the weight plates are designed from steel but coated with a layer of the long-lasting and high-quality PVC material. This kind of construction offers numerous perks. For instance, you can rest assured that the plates will not clatter on the handles. Also, the inclusion of PVC material staves off rusting. However, the manufacturer advises users to avoid dropping the dumbbells on hard surfaces. Doing so repeatedly can cause the PVC coating to crack.

As for the handles, steel is used to make the inner section and a rubber coating is used for the exterior. Thanks to the layer of rubber, the handles provide a comfortable and firm grip while protecting your hands from damage. Furthermore, the rubber coating provides excellent adherence, a feature that comes in handy when you have sweaty hands.

Adjustment System

Core Fitness adjustable dumbbells have been fitted with a TwistLock adjustment, a mechanism that is mostly associated with the StairMasterTwistLock dumbbells. With this system, you can only adjust your weight by placing the dumbbells on their cradles, and then twisting the handles until the preferred weight is selected. The cradles are equipped with some special small-sized keys that allow the unlocking and twisting of the handles.

Except for the 2.5 lbs weight plates, all the other weights have a circular shape. This way, it is easy for the main axle to pick the weight plates as you twist the handles. In fact, the endpoints of the handles are designed to penetrate the plates; hence, keep them from falling off as you exercise.
With regards to weight, the handle weighs 5 lbs without any weight on it. The first plates have a weight of about 2.5 lbs each while the others weigh 5 lbs each.


Storage cradles are a must-have accessory if you plan to use the Core Fitness dumbbells. They play a significant role when making adjustments on the equipment. Engineered from aluminum, these cradles have openings on each end, and this helps to provide a firm grip when you are moving the dumbbells.


  • Offer versatility- you can adjust your weight plates quickly so as to alter your workout regimen
  • Strong- have a solid construction that features twist-lock technology
  • Weight ranges between five and fifty lbs- ideal for all users; be it a beginner, an intermediate or advanced user.


  • PVC coating on the weight plates is prone to cracking.
  • Not possible to offset weight on either side.


Overall, the Core Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells provide excellent value for your money. With these pieces of equipment, you can perform up to 20 different workout routines. Core Fitness dumbbells are versatile, convenient and durable.

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