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PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells Review

Adjustable Dumbbells by:

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On October 5, 2017
Last modified:October 5, 2017



  • Very stable;
  • Easy to adjust weights;
  • Very good grip to to short length and rubber coated handle;
  • 2.5 lbs increments.


  • It takes some time to get used to weight adjusting system.

PowerBlock Elite DumbbellsPowerBlock Elite Dumbbells are among the best adjustable dumbbells on the market right now. In this review we try to take a look and understand why they are so highly rated by so many users.

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PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells Key Features

I have have been using adjustable dumbbells to keep in good shape for years. Before I initially decided to buy them, I’ve spent a lot of time (3 full months) trying to compare different varieties of adjustable dumbbells. There are a few aspects that I learned to take account of when looking at adjustable dumbbells: safety, comfort, material, and durability.


I wanted to get dumbbells that would be easy to adjust and would pose no threat in the process of lifting them of storage. I found the PowerBlock dumbbells very easy to change because of their smooth edges, firm internal threads as well as their design for safe storage. During the exercise, the plate sections are not supposed to wobble which is usually a sign of defective dumbbells.


I needed to acquire dumbbells that would add confidence and comfort in the lifting and adjustment. The color I needed was also to conform to the purpose of their acquisition. A dull color matches muscle building and working out. More so, the handles are very comfortable and easily accessible. One more beautiful thing about the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells, especially in their design, is the fact that they are a little bit shorter than other dumbbells of the same weight. Their short length allows the dumbbells to be closer together and control the stability, especially in the lifting part of the exercise. The dumbbells can also be used both for the push and pull exercise which is not possible with some other bells.


Dumbbells should at least last a couple of years with normal use. You probably don’t want dumbbells that would signs of use after a short period of time. I found these dumbbells easy to adapt to and durable with respect to different working environments. I have enjoyed their use both at home and in the weight room as far as floor surfaces are concerned. In cases of falling, the dumbbells do not damage the floor, and neither do they develop surface defects from the contact surfaces.


I found the rubber-coated handles are very comfortable to grip. The bars are also padded. These materials are a nice addition to comfort and safety. You do not need to have special gear for protection as we are used to using other dumbbells.

What I did not like about the dumbbells is the initial back pain I had which was due to the wrong use of the dumbbells.


After taking close look, I cannot but recommend the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells. I am certain that although tastes differ, and some aspects of a product may be more important to some than to others, the quality and functionality are those that have an important role in most peoples final buying decision. Taking these aspects into account, the PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells may just be what you are looking for, because they reunite everything you would probably want in a pair of adjustable dumbbells.

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